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Binding Possition Truths

There is a myth held close by many skiers, that boot position on skis is set by engineers during the design process and any other position of the boot on the ski will make skiing more difficult. Well, I am an engineer and I can say I don’t know what equation or group of equations would give me the answer to where bindings belong to make a pair of skis function identically well for every size and shape of skier that conceivably could use them.  As an engineer who conducted research on binding position for two different ski companies, I can with authority say their design departments don’t know how to do it either.  Rather they use ski testers to test and determine an acceptable position that for most skiers allows skis to work and feel the way the manufacturer chooses.

If we spend any time thinking the ramifications of a single binding position through, we should question why what we expect in skiing doesn’t work in other sports as well. One golf club setup for everyone, one bike setup, tennis strings of the same material and tension for everyone. It doesn’t work in those sports and it doesn’t work for skiing either. Why is it important?

Because  acknowledging the single setup design is impossible gives you permission to experiment with boot position and to assume you could improve on it beyond the manufacturers recommendation and as a result immediately ski better.  With many of today’s binding systems changing position is simply seconds and no tools away.

Perhaps you especially like skiing fast with powerful long turns on the wide boulevard of Wiwaxy, then carrying that speed onto Men’s Downhill. Moving your bindings 1 cm or so rearward may make your skis feel more stable at speed.

Or perhaps you really like the bumps in Paradise or Whitehorn, but occasionally find yourself in the back seat and struggling to get centered again. Moving your bindings forward often makes your skis turn more quickly and will often aid your balance.

If the experiment works as I predict, many of your ski technique difficulties will immediately melt away and ski school will become a place to learn quickly rather than do battle.

At Lake Louise and Lou’s we are here to make your days better in any way possible. Call Lou’s at any time for answers to your technical boot or ski questions then take your improved equipment to Lake Louise and Lake Louise Ski School for a great day.

Check out  www.lous.ca for more details.

Published - November 15, 2017.

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