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Exciting Discovery at Lake Louise Prompts “Throwback Thursdays”

New Paradise WebcamLake Louise, AB – The Lake Louise Ski Area is launching a season-long tribute to the ‘good old days’. This fall, as we celebrate our fifth year back in ‘old’ ownership, we’ve been thinking about our ski area’s long and rich history.

Then, we made an exciting discovery. We found four 16mm film reels featuring the best of Lake Louise of yesterday buried deep in a storage room. “The footage is amazing, and we can’t wait to show it to media and our fans,” says proprietor Charlie Locke, “It’s a priceless find.”

Announcing “Throwback Thursdays”: we’ll share 34 clips from the films on Thursdays throughout the season. Plus, we have a series of contests planned, with many opportunities for fans to get involved and to win from a collection of sweet prizes.

Lake Louise SingerThe films date from 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s and cover all aspects of historic Lake Louise including fondues, vintage haircuts, 1970s discos, and various scenic and sometimes quirky shots from around the ski area. Many legendary characters are featured. You’ll see pioneer free skier Wayne Wong, our previous ski school director, now local Post Hotel owner/manager Andre Schwartz, and hear narrative from John Worrall, one of the ski area’s original general managers.  Particular highlights showcase vintage skiing at the ski area dubbed to two songs about Lake Louise, including a helicopter flyover of the singer mid-performance. With these reels was a functional projector.

Skiers and snowboarders are encouraged to start gathering their best retro photos and apparel; next is a contest that will call for the finest shots from back in the day. Later this season, the retro craze will hit the slopes during an ‘old is new’-themed event, with retro music, retro-themed contests and retro attire. 

Media Contact:
Mike Moynihan
Senior Sales & Marketing Manager
The Lake Louise Ski Area

Published - October 9, 2012.

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