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Lake Louise has received the ultimate 21st century endorsement – unsolicited accolades from the undisputed arbiter of seemingly everything, from products and places to presidents. December’s issue of Oprah magazine contains a feature-length article extolling the area’s matchless attractions, focussing on – what else – the superb and unique quality of the overall skiing experience.

In addition, from opposite corners of the continent, in the New York Times and the Whistler newsmagazine, Pique,(yes, Whistler, that place out on the coast somewhere…) come more praises for the one-of-a-kind -- and for many, once-in-a-lifetime – dream winter holiday that awaits, every day, on Calgary’s western doorstep. Click on the following links to see what the world is saying about Lake Louise!

*Click here for the Oprah Magazine article  
*Click here for the New York Times article
*Click here for the Whistler Magazine article

Tuesday , January 6, 2009

Published - January 6, 2009.

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