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Repair Shop

Get the best quality Ski and Snowboard tunes available by using our MONTANA CHALLENGE MAX fully automated tuning robot. Precise tuning in a fraction of the time of a manual hand finished tune will put you back on the slopes in the time it takes to have your lunch.

Our experienced staff are here to advise you on the right service available to help make the most of you day. Please stop by and check us out!

Repair Services & Rates - 2018/19

Full Tune - Challenge Max Robot $65.00 Includes: P-Tex, Stone Base Grind, Ceramic Edge and Hot Wax.
Wax and Sharpen $31.50 Includes: edge sharpen and de-tune, Hot Wax, scrape and finish.
Stone Grind $27.50
Belt Grind $18.50
Edge Sharpen $20.50
Hot Wax $19.50 Includes: Hot wax, scrape and finish.
Quick Wax $14.50 Includes: machine applied Hot wax and buff.
Ski Binding Mount $41.00
Board Binding Mount $9.25
Ski Binding Adjustment $16.50
Board Binding Adjustment $18.50
P-Tex $11.25 and up
Major Repair $20.50 minimum and up Includes: Free Estimate

Note: Rates shown above do not include tax (5%GST). Pricing subject to change without notice.

Booking Repairs

No appointment necessary, simply visit our repair shop located downstairs in the Lodge of the Ten Peaks. Have questions about services? Please contact Guest Services at 1-877-956-8473 and ask for the Repair Shop

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