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Cross Country Ski Rental

We carry a quality line-up of cross country skis, touring skis and boots.

Rental Rates - 2016/17

  PM Full-Day 3 Days (per day)
Cross Country Skis  $14.95  $16.95  $14.95
Cross Country Boots  $8.95  $9.95  $8.95
Cross Country Poles  $6.95  $6.95  $6.95
Cross Country Package  $21.95  $24.95  $21.95

  PM Full-Day 3 Days (per day)
Alpine Touring Skis  $39.95  $41.95  $39.95
Alpine Touring Boots  $16.95  $18.95  $16.95
Alpine Touring Poles  $10.95  $10.95  $10.95
Alpine Touring Skins  $7.95  $ 8.95  $7.95
Alpine Touring Package  $63.95  $69.95  $63.95

  PM Full-Day 3 Days (per day)
Light Touring Skis  $14.95  $16.95  $14.95
Light Touring Boots  $8.95  $9.95  $8.95
Light Touring Poles  $6.95  $6.95  $6.95
Light Touring Skins  $8.95  $9.95  $8.95
Light Touring Package  $29.95  $33.95  $29.95

Note: Rates shown above do not include tax (5%GST). Pricing subject to change without notice.

Cross Country Ski Equipment

Rossignol Evo Action NIS Positrack

Recreational cross-country ski offering ease-of-use, comfort, stability and maneuverability for skiers who want to tour on-trail. Smaller sizes make the skis easy on the uphills, safer on the downhills and predictable in the flats. Features a waxless Positrack base for maximum grip.

Peak 82 FLR
Enlarge Photo

 Rossignol X-2

Versatile touring boot for a skiers looking for on-trail and off-trial adventures.

Rossignol X-2
Enlarge Photo

Light Touring Equipment

Rossignol BC-70 Positrack

The BC 70 features a wide shovel, metal edges, and a positrack waxless base for on-trail or off-trail adventures. Designed for nordic backcountry practices.

Rossignol BC-70 Positrack
Enlarge Photo

BC X-7

The perfect accessory for Nordic ski excursions and long tours far from the beaten track!

BC X-7
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