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Showtime Terrain Park

The Lake Louise Showtime Terrain Park is one of the largest in Western Canada. Offering distinct, progressive lines for beginners, intermediates and experts, all abilities have fun playing on series of features including jumps, rails, boxes and more.

The Showtime Terrain Park typically opens in December or January on Easy Street just above the base area, as snow conditions permit. Prior to its opening temporary smaller terrain parks are set up elsewhere at the Resort.

Current Park Status

Updated Saturday, 13th Feb 2016: Boulevard Park and XL Line are open! 54 features open over 4 different sites; jumps and jibs for all skill levels! All parks are groomed daily and maintained throughout the day. NEW FEATURES!

Status: open

Jumps: 16

Boxes: 14

Rails: 11

Other: 11

# Features: 56

Virtual Tour of the Showtime Terrain Park

Use the interactive map below to explore the Showtime Terrain Park from a previous season.

View larger version

Current Park Features

See below for current park locations and features - Updated Feb 12, 2016:

Upper Triple Bridge Park
Feature Size
Table Jump S
16' Flat Tubby M
Table Jump S
Tower Tube M
Rainbow Box M
Hip L
Down Box  XL

Lower Triple Bridge Park
Feature Size
Flat Down Box M
Table Jump Left M
Table Jump Right M
Up Box with Angled Llanding M
Step Down Jump M

Easy Street Park
Feature Size
Flat Box S
Dance Floor S
Beginner Flat Rail S
Flat Down Dance Floor S
Ground Box S
Beginner Jump S

Boulevard Park
Feature Size
Hip L
Flat-up Donkey Tubby L
Large Jump L
Down Flat Down Box M
Battleship Box M
Down Tubby L
Medium Jump M
Pole Jam L
Large Jump L
Medium Jump M
Up-flat Tubby L
Large Jump L
Medium Jump M
MFM box L
Toe Jam box L
Up down round rail L

Easy Street XL Park
Feature Size
Round Rail XL
30ft Down Rail XL
Down Flat Down Tube XL
Vertical Culvert XL
C Rail XL
XL Jump #1 XL
Tire Bonk L
T Bonk L
XL Jump#2 XL
40ft Down Rail XL
Quad Kink XL
XL jump #3 XL
Flat Rail XL
Waterfall Rail Combo XL
Street Style Hand Rail XL
Close In Combo L
Wall Ride XL

Park Photos

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Terrain Park Webcam

Click on the camera feed below to view a larger version.

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