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KROWD Heavy Metal Rail Jam

Thanks to everyone who took part in this event on December 15, 2013! Event results are as follows:

Junior Mens Ski

1st - Dylan Marineau
2nd - Bennett Thibault
3rd - William O Connor

Junior Mens Snowboard

1st - Sean Miskiman
2nd - Kaeln Christensson
3rd - Mateo Massitti

Womens Ski Open

1st - Meagan Fiselier
2nd - Janelle Yip
3rd - Bryana Cressey

Womens Snowboard Open

1st - Jodi Gordon
2nd - Sarah Van Der Zweer
3rd - Audrey Hebert

Mens 16+ Ski

1st - Mark Hendrickson
2nd - Tom Nelner
3rd - Matt Couillard

Mens 16+ Snowboard

1st - Kevin Keaney
2nd - Corban Stone
3rd - Jordan Blain

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