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Volcom Peanut Butter & Rail Jam


15 & Under Division Winners:

1st: Adrian Tongko
2nd: Chandler Hunt
3rd: Carter Thibault
4th: Jasper Westbury
5th: Finn Westbury

16 & Over Division Winners:

1st: Jordan Blain
2nd: Zac Dolesky
3rd: Keaton Young
4th: Isaiah Fast
5th: Nick Ulrich

Girls Open Division Winners:
1st: Alison Vizina
2nd: Nicole Oben
3rd: Mai Yamagaishi
4th: Josepha Tanguay
5th: Jessica King

Men’s Open Division Winners:

1st: Guillaume Fortin-$250
2nd: Luke Pasishnik-$150
3rd: Alex Morris-$100
4th: Travis Wilson
5th: Shawn Tryhuba

Electric’s Gooeyest Move of the Event:
Keaton Young!

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