Get wonderfully close to natureAnd take a walk on the wild side, step by snowy step

Trade your skis for snowshoes and let our guides show you some of the most breathtaking vantage points in the Canadian Rockies. With our easy to use snowshoes, you’ll be amazed at where your own two feet will take you. Panoramic winter views await - are you ready?

Snowshoe Tours are closed for the 2022/23 winter season

Our Snowshoe Tours are designed to take anyone to explore some of the most breathtaking scenic vantage points in the Canadian Rockies. Reach that perfect viewpoint! With our easy to use snowshoes, and friendly guides, almost anyone can journey to some of the most thrilling panoramic winter views formerly only available to skiers and riders. It doesn't matter if you’ve never heard of a snowshoe, our guides will have you up and running, or most likely walking, in no time.

Scenic Snowshoe Tour
Full-Day All Mountain Snowshoe Tour
Winter Wildlife Snowshoe Tour
Winter Night Snowshoe Tour

Cancellation Policy

Payment is required at the time of booking and reservations are recommended due to limited spaces. Changes to reservations can be made up to 48 hours before the departure time based on availability. Within 48 hours of the snowshoeing time, refunds will not be issued. As Snowshoeing is a winter sport, there will be no refunds for extreme weather conditions.