Skoki Lodge Guided Interpretive Trips

Join our professional guides for an unforgettable trip to Skoki Lodge!

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Skoki Lodge

Skoki Lodge Guided TripSummer 2021 details coming soon

Your guide will lead you to Skoki Lodge while connecting you to the colorful stories of Skoki’s past and the stunning natural landscape rich with wildlife and natural landforms.

  • Enjoy your trip in a private setting designed just for you and/or your group.
  • Be in comfort with a professional guide leading the way.
    Acquire skills to competently travel in the Canadian Rockies backcountry.
  • Enrich your experience by having your guide interpret the landscape and share with you stories of the area.


1-2 Guests3-4 Guests5-9 Guests
2 Days & 1 NightTBATBATBA
3 Days & 2 NightsTBATBATBA
4 Days & 3 NightsTBATBATBA