We Can’t Wait to Welcome you Back - Safely!

As always, our guests’ health and safety, our employees and our communities remain our top priority. Things will look a bit different this season, and we would like to share our operating procedures with you so that you will know what to expect when you visit. Please check back again as things are always evolving, and we are ready to adapt accordingly.

In these unprecedented times, we are all craving time out on the mountain more than ever. The feeling of freedom carving out early morning turns on fresh corduroy. The joy of floating through endless powder. The excitement shared with friends and family reaching a milestone goal. And the sheer sense of awe when gazing at the majestic peaks across the valley. All soon be within our reach. We are really looking forward to welcoming you back to share in all of this and more during what is forecasted to be a very snowy winter.

We also have some information below on our 480 acres of new terrain opening this season and our new quad chairlift!


The following guidelines will be updated as required. Last updated on Saturday, November 28. 2020.



Face coverings are mandatory when visiting the resort. Guests must wear a face covering in all indoor spaces, ticket lines, lift lines, while riding the lifts, and in congested outdoor areas. Face coverings must be a solid fabric that snuggly fits your face, fully covering your mouth and nose.



Please ensure you are maintaining physical distancing of 2 metres (6 feet) from those around you as you head towards the base area, and throughout the day.



The group you arrive with is considered your cohort group for the day. Stick with your crew on the slopes, in line-ups and while indoors. Remember to maintain physical distancing at all times.



When you are outdoors, you must limit any socialization to a group of 10 individuals or less, while still maintaining physical distancing.



When dining indoors, you must be seated with only members of your household (6 household members maximum), or your two selected non-household people (3 people maximum) if you live alone. Also, note there is no movement between tables permitted. Be sure to wear your face covering when not seated and eating. Maintain physical distancing and sanitize your hands frequently.



When you arrive at the Lake Louise Ski Resort, you’ll see signage asking the Covid health screening questions.

If you have…

  • …been in close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19?
  • ...travelled outside Canada within the last 14 days?
  • ...been feeling ill or have a fever, sore throat, new cough, runny nose, or shortness of breath?

… please return home and we would be pleased to welcome you another time.



Purchase your day tickets or Lake Louise Plus Card (when available) at our outdoor ticket windows on the Whiskey Jack deck. If you pre-purchase day tickets online or pre-purchase a Lake Louise Plus Card online (when available), please redeem them at these same outdoor tickets windows.



We are unable to provide bag storage in the lodges this year, so we’re encouraging all guests to use their vehicles as their locker for the day of their visit. A limited number of locker rentals will be available each day and our seasonal locker room will be open throughout the season, if you have purchased a locker.



If you can, please pick-up your Season Pass at one of these locations before arriving at the resort:

If you have to pick-up your Season Pass at the resort, you can do so in the North Face Bistro inside Whiskey Jack Lodge. To speed up the process, you can always complete your waiver ahead of time using our online waiver form.



In the coming days and weeks, we’ll continue to share openings of additional services and amenities along with any updates to our operating protocols.


Stay safe. Be well. Have fun!

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Thank you!


We’ve got some exciting news for this winter! We are opening up 480 acres of new terrain in West Bowl, and we have installed a new quad chairlift for better access to the summit.

Our new quad chair replaces the Summit Platter on a new alignment. The chair starts just below the top station of the Top of the World six-pack and will take you to the top of Whitehorn Mountain, slightly past where the Summit Platter ended in less than five minutes.

Along with this new lift, we are opening West Bowl, which comprises 480 acres of open bowl skiing, chutes and gullies, glades and steep trees. This natural side-country terrain offers endless opportunities for exploration. It will open in stages, as Mother Nature allows. You’ll also find a new egress trail out of West Bowl, ensuring a comfortable return to the resort’s main front face. Though West Bowl will be avalanche controlled, skiers and riders are encouraged to carry avalanche gear and know how to use it.

Click here for more information about West Bowl.

Ski all season long for one low price.

  • Price Freeze: We value our loyal guests, which is why Season Pass prices have not changed for three years in a row.
  • Discount for Returning Pass Holders: To acknowledge our early closure last March, 2019/20 pass holders will have received information about how you can get a 25% discount off their 2020/21 season pass.
  • No Questions Asked Refund Policy: Because of the uncertain times, we offer a no-questions-asked refund policy. At any time during the 2020/21 season, you may obtain a refund on an unused 2020/21 Season Pass, less a 2% administration fee. You can also choose to purchase our refund insurance, which offers protection throughout the season for injuries or job transfers even after passes have been used. Click here for more details.
  • Plan in advance! We’re requesting that all of our Season Pass purchasers obtain their passes in advance of their first visit to the resort. This will help reduce the number of people in the lodges and get you on the lift faster. Our Guest Services team is currently processing pass purchases and getting them mailed out to you. Complete your e-waiver online, email us a photo and confirm your mailing address. If you need to pick-up your pass in person, you can do so at the following locations:

Click here for full Season Pass information and to purchase a pass.

Health and safety are our top priorities, and we have given a lot of thought to whether or not to introduce capacity restrictions. We are not planning on implementing a reservation system at this time, and we are focusing on measures that ensure distancing can be maintained everywhere.

We are fortunate that we are one of the largest ski areas in North America, with plenty of terrain to spread out on – with a bonus of 480 acres of new terrain opening this year. In a typical season, like all ski areas, we have various pinch points that can develop on certain days, so we will be adjusting some things this year and add additional temporary heated lodge space. Our goal is to distribute skiers and snowboarders more evenly across the weekdays and adjust operations to ensure distancing can be maintained even on weekend and holiday days.

Please note:

  • We will be reducing capacity in our lodges and indoor spaces to facilitate physical distancing.
  • Additional temporary heated structures around the mountain will be available to ensure adequate indoor space to warm up and eat.
  • We will offer online ordering and table delivery for our quick service (cafeteria) restaurants to minimize line-ups.
  • Washroom trailers will provide additional washroom space.
  • For Season Pass purchasers, we ask that you get your pass before the ski season so that lines don’t develop at our season pass desks early in the year. Please complete your waiver online and email us a photo to mail you a pass, or visit one of our pre-season pick-up locations (details above). If you absolutely need to pick up your pass at the ski area, note that our pass pick-up location will be moved to the North Face Bistro in the Whiskey Jack Lodge to ensure more room for everyone.
  • For non-pass holders, we encourage you to purchase your ticket online in advance.
  • To pick up a pre-purchased day ticket, or purchase a ticket the day of skiing, you can do so at our outdoor ticket windows and self-serve kiosks on Whiskey Jack Lodge deck. We have added additional outdoor ticket windows as well this year. Please only visit our indoor Guest Services office if you have a specific need.
  • Some days tend to be quieter than others. We invite you to consider skiing mid-week and will offer mid-week incentives throughout the season. As always, Saturdays and holidays are our busier days.
  • Our lifts will open earlier on certain weekends and holidays to get guests up the mountain and reduce the number of people that are in the base area at one time.
  • We are coordinating with our ski clubs for mountain access, training space and predetermined off-peak lunchtimes.
  • We are moving youth ski races to mid-week days this year, instead of hosting them on weekends.
  • We offer our kids’ programs, Bow Valley Kids, mid-week, and weekends, to have fewer participants each day.

When you’re skiing or riding, or well away from others outdoors, the choice of wearing a face covering or not is up to you. In certain places, face coverings are required. Let’s keep our season safe!

Face coverings are required as follows:

  • Indoors in lodges and tents when not seated at your table.
  • In lift lines, while riding lifts, and when loading and unloading lifts.
  • If you choose to ride a chairlift or gondola with someone not in your cohort group for the lift ride duration. No one will be required to ride the lift with a different cohort group, but you will need to wear your face covering for the ride’s duration if you choose to do so.
  • Where people congregate outdoors, for example, ticket purchases at outdoor ticket windows.
  • In Snow School lessons and programs that are not a designated sports cohort group, within two meters of other participants or instructors.
  • In the retail and rental shops.

We are configuring our operations to allow for two meters or more of space between cohorts. We trust and expect that for our guests and employees’ safety, and to meet Alberta Health Services guidelines, everyone will follow the requirement to wear their face coverings in the above instances. This will be noted by signage or at the request of our employees. Face coverings can be non-medical masks, ski masks, buffs, scarves, etc. Thank you for your cooperation!

Please distance in the line-up, and wear your face coverings while in line and during loading and unloading. You will not be required to ride the lift with another cohort group, but if you choose to do so, please wear your face covering for the duration of the ride as well. We sanitize our gondola cabins several times per day.

Waiting for and loading the Lift: Our lift mazes will be configured to allow proper spacing between cohorts (front to back and side to side). Signage will offer reminders to keep two meters apart, and employees will help with messaging as well. Please wear your face coverings while waiting for the lift, and during loading and unloading.

Riding the Lift: Visitation levels most days will permit us to load only one cohort per chair or gondola. On certain days, there will be an option to combine cohorts to get through the line faster. If you choose to ride with another cohort, face coverings will be required for the ride duration.

If you do not wish to ride a chair or gondola cabin with another cohort group, that’s no problem. There may be a separate line for parties requesting their own chair or gondola cabin on busier days. Please look for signage directing you to the appropriate place. You may prefer to ski or ride mid-week if possible and avoid the busier times at the base area, usually mid-morning on Saturdays and holidays. We will also be opening the lifts earlier on certain weekends and holidays to give more time to get up the mountain from the base area.

Face Coverings: Please be sure to wear your face covering when waiting for the lifts to protect other guests, and when loading and unloading the lift, to protect our employees. If you choose to ride with another cohort group, please wear your face covering for the lift ride duration.

Sanitization: Based on our experience with operations last March and over the summer, and in consultation with industry best practices and Alberta Health Services, we have developed a sanitization protocol for Gondola cabins several times a day. Gondola cabin windows and vents will remain open for maximum airflow.

We have many dining options, from quick service to fine dining, and we are also planning some additional food & beverage options this year.

We always follow and exceed Alberta Health Services Restaurant guidelines relating to capacity, table spacing, sanitization, and other health measures. Contact tracing will be in place at each of our restaurants, and tables and chairs are sanitized in between parties being seated. There are no high touch items on tables, and you will notice QR code or single-use paper menus in certain outlets, and sanitized menu options in others.

The North Face Bistro will pause operations this year, but our other outlets will be open.

Indoor spaces will be operating at reduced capacities to ensure distancing can be maintained. Additional temporary heated structures around the mountain will provide extra space for everyone. Please wear your face coverings in all indoor areas when not seated.

To ensure that physical distancing can be readily maintained, indoor spaces will be operating at reduced capacities. To compensate for these reduced capacities, we will be adding temporary heated structures at the base area, at Temple Lodge and at Whitehorn Lodge to provide more space to eat and warm up, and adding additional outdoor tables, patio heaters and fire pits. We are also working with our ski clubs and other programs to arrange pre-assigned lunchtimes outside of the peak lunch hour.

For quick service (cafeteria) seating, you will be directed to your own freshly sanitized table. At this time, the Alberta Health Service guidelines allow for a maximum of six people per table. We have implemented online ordering options from your table to replace waiting in line for food or drinks, and we can deliver your order to the table you’re seated at in the lodge.

For everyone’s safety and comfort, please ensure you wear your face covering inside while not seated. Hand sanitizer stations are set-up throughout our lodges, and all indoor spaces and high-touch areas are disinfected frequently with Health Canada approved products. You’ll notice our teams of cleaners sanitizing lodges and indoor spaces throughout the day.

If you prefer to stay outdoors, we’ve added additional outdoor seating options and heated washroom trailers will be available. All washroom facilities will be sanitized on an hourly basis.

This year, one big difference is that we ask guests not to bring their bags into the lodges unless they have purchased a seasonal locker or will be using our limited number of day lockers. We encourage you to get ready at your vehicle and leave your bag in the car. This year, the operating protocols required for everyone’s health and safety do not allow bags to be left randomly inside lodges. Plan to use your vehicle as your locker.

Please also plan to use our outdoor ticket windows and kiosks on Whiskey Jack Lodge’s deck, rather than our Guest Services counter. Tickets this year will not be sold from Guest Services or our indoor kiosks. We have added additional outdoor ticket windows and kiosks to compensate.

How will ticket purchasing work?

If you’re looking to purchase a day ticket, your best and most cost-effective option is to do it online in advance.  To pick up your online ticket, or if you’re going to purchase a day ticket at the resort the day-of, you can do so on the deck of Whiskey Jack Lodge. There are several outdoor ticket windows and self-serve kiosks, and we are installing more as well.

Lake Louise Plus Card Direct-to-Lift upgrades will be able to be done in the North Face Bistro, which has been temporarily converted into a season pass and LLPC processing space to ensure more room for distancing.

Can I book lessons or guided tours with your Snow School?

Yes! We will have a selection of programming available this season.

The Lake Louise Snow School will be offering multi-week group lessons such as our popular Bow Valley Kids & Ladies Day programs. Additionally, we will have an expanded selection of private lesson offerings and guided tours, allowing versatile lesson options for various types of cohorts. All ski and snowboard school classes will have a maximum class size of six.

To provide the best experience for our three and four-year-old skiers and snowboarders, we will offer this age group one-on-one, one-hour private lessons. This age group is also welcome to join their family in a full or half-day private lesson as part of a single cohort.

As always, everyone’s safety and enjoyment is our top priority, and we will always follow the Alberta Health Services regulations. More specific Snow School safety protocols will be announced soon.

Will the rental shop be open?

Yes, and we have a large selection of mid and high-performance gear – everything you may be looking for. We encourage you to book your equipment online before you arrive for maximum efficiency.

All equipment is thoroughly sanitized between uses and will follow strict health guidelines approved by Alberta Health Services. We will be managing capacity and line-ups in the rental shop to ensure everyone can maintain physical distancing. We will also have outdoor pick-up and drop-off stations. Face coverings will be required when inside the rental shop.

Will your retail shop be open?

Yes, we sell various items, including face coverings, if you need an extra. We always follow the recommended Retail guidelines from the Government of Alberta. Please wear your face covering when inside the retail shop and sanitize your hands on entry.

How will lockers work?

If you need to store gear, we will have a limited number of day lockers available for rent. If you have a seasonal locker, we are asking you to ensure physical distancing is maintained. If your locker neighbour is already there gearing up, please wait until they have headed outside before accessing your locker. At times, we may have employees at locker room entrances to ensure capacity is kept appropriately. Hand sanitizer will be readily available, and face coverings are required indoors.

If you do not have a seasonal locker or plan to rent a day locker, please plan to keep your bags and gear in your car.  If day lockers are sold out, we will kindly ask you to return your bag to your vehicle.

Can I leave my bag in the lodge?

Yes, if you have rented a seasonal locker or plan to rent a day locker.  No, if you are hoping to leave your bag elsewhere in the lodge.

Due to the space restrictions in the lodges, we cannot accommodate bags being left unattended. It always makes it difficult for everyone to have to navigate around bags on the floor, and this year it will be even more challenging. There will be no bag shelves this year, and bags being left on the floor will not be permitted. Due to the added health and safety considerations this year, we cannot put our employees in the position to pick up and move your bags to ensure fire code regulations are met, and your bag does not block public spaces.

We ask people to please put on your gear at your car and leave your bags in your vehicle unless you plan to use our locker room facilities. Alternatively, you may gear up in the lodge in the morning, then return your bag to your car for the day. We will be adding benches in the parking lots to facilitate parking lot gear-ups and make it easier to follow this new directive.

We want to thank you in advance for your respect for your fellow skiers and our employees and your adherence to this new policy!

Will you offer Lost & Found?

Lost & Found will be limited to higher value items (wallets, keys, phones, Go Pros, jackets, helmets) and not personal clothing items (hats, buffs, water bottles). Items will be sanitized, and staff will wear gloves while handling any items. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer loaner goggles or gloves this year. We encourage you to use your vehicle as your locker and come prepared and be responsible for your stuff.

Can I bring my own lunch?

As always, of course! However, due to reduced capacity requirements, priority seating in lodges will be given to those that have purchased their lunch or snack. Guests that have brought their lunch will be directed to designated areas. As capacity allows, those areas will continue to be in our lodges or outdoor tents. If necessary, you may be asked to go old school and eat the lunch you’ve brought outside. We will have chairs, tables, heaters and fire pits outside for a real Canadian experience. Microwaves will continue to be provided if possible but may be temporarily paused this season. If you are bringing your lunch, consider packing items that don’t require a microwave.

What is parking going to look like?

Plenty of free parking is a cornerstone of the Lake Louise Ski Resort. We have a seasonal priority parking area with limited passes available, and we will also be providing our $20 daily U-Park option. But as always, we will have lots of free parking spaces within a three to ten-minute walk from our base area lifts. Click here for information on priority parking passes. They are almost sold out!

Will the Daycare be open?

We have always been strong advocates of providing quality childcare for families who want to ski, which is why our licensed daycare is very important to us. After much deliberation this year, we have decided that we will not initially be offering daycare services out of an abundance of caution. It is possible that as the season progresses, our daycare will open up, so keep checking back for updates. In the meantime, there’s a list of private childcare providers in the area that can watch your little ones. Email info@skilouise.com to get this list.

Of course, we also offer many great children’s ski programs, and we would love to share the joy of the sport with your little ones. Click here for info.

Our Parent Pass is also an excellent option for families with younger children. One pass can be purchased, and the parents can share it – one can ski or snowboard while one looks after the kid(s), then trade off after a few runs. Click here for info.

Will health screening be in place?

Absolutely. This will be in place for our guests and staff.

We will have prominent signage near entry points reminding guests to check their health status daily and whether they have been in contact with any cases. In certain instances, snow school lessons and interpretive tour guests may be asked screening questions directly and undergo a quick, non-contact temperature check as an additional precaution.  Guests that appear unwell will be isolated, asked to return home and invited to return on another day.

Our employees undergo daily health screens to ensure they do not exhibit any symptoms and are immediately isolated and tested should symptoms develop.

Are you doing contact tracing?

Yes, we will be offering contact tracing services at our sit down restaurants. As per the Alberta Health Services guidelines, this is not mandatory, but most people provide their contact information. Lists will be destroyed after 14 days, as is required by Alberta Health Services.

What are your sanitization and disinfection procedures?

Our Lake Louise Safety Assurance is our commitment to the safety and well-being of our guests and staff.

We regularly sanitize lodges, tables, chairs, and high touch surfaces using hospital-grade sanitizers approved by Health Canada throughout each day. Signage on each cafeteria/quick service table will indicate when it has been sanitized for your use.

Our teams continuously monitor Alberta Health Services guidelines applicable to restaurants, shops, and other indoor spaces to ensure that we meet and exceed recommendations.

Washrooms will be sanitized on an hourly basis. Hand sanitizer stations are positioned throughout all areas, and we encourage frequent hand hygiene.

Are you adding additional washrooms?

Although we have plenty of indoor washrooms, we will also be adding washroom trailers outside to facilitate distancing and ensure people do not need to go inside the lodges if they don’t wish to. All washroom facilities are cleaned and sanitized hourly.


We’ve always taken pride in sharing Lake Louise with you, and the Lake Louise Ski Resort’s Safety Assurance is our commitment to the well-being of our guests and staff.


In all areas of the resort, we have implemented distancing protocols to ensure guests have plenty of space to enjoy the resort safely and for staff to work safely too.


We have enhanced cleaning protocols at all guest and staff touchpoints to ensure our sanitization procedures exceed current Alberta Health Services guidance and industry standards.


Upon arriving at the resort, guests and staff will see a series of Alberta Health Services screening questions to ensure we are maintaining the health and safety of everyone.


Throughout the resort, you will see directional signage to assist our guests and staff in safely moving through indoor and outdoor areas.


For everyone’s safety, guests and staff are required to wear masks. In certain areas, plexiglass shields have been installed to ensure both guests and staff are kept safe. We encourage guests to frequently use the hand sanitizer stations placed throughout the resort and use contactless payment.

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