Touring Ski Rentals

We carry a quality line-up of alpine touring skis, light touring skis and boots. Let our trained professionals help set you up for an amazing time on snow!

Alpine Touring

After 12PMFull-Day3 Day Rate (per day)
Alpine Touring Skis$41$43$41
Alping Touring Boots$18$20$18
Alpine Touring Poles$13$13$13
Alpine Touring Skins$9$10$9
Alpin Touring Package$55$60$55

Light Touring

After 12PMFull-Day3 Day Rate (per day)
Light Touring Skis$16$18$16
Light Touring Boots$10$11$10
Light Touring Poles$8$8$8
Light Touring Skins$10$11$10
Light Touring Package$30$39$30

Miscellaneous Rentals

After 12PMFull-Day3 Day Rate (per day)
Ski Jackets$20$25$20
Ski Pants$20$25$20
Ski Pants & Jackets$30$39$30

Note: Rates shown do not include tax (5%GST). Pricing subject to change without notice.