Celebrate the Season at Mount Slushmore on Saturday, April 27

With our closing day in sight on May 5, we're excited to invite you and your loved ones to our grand finale event — Mount Slushmore!

Mount Slushmore isn't just an event; it's a celebration of all the fun we've had this season. Set against our stunning mountain views, this gathering features sunny patios and on-snow beer gardens, ideal for dancing or just soaking up the vibrant atmosphere. From live music to upbeat DJ tracks, the sounds of festivity will be as exhilarating as the alpine air.

Don't miss the thrill of the pond skim event, a crowd-favorite where skiers and riders glide across a water feature, bringing splashes and laughter. And it’s not just about watching. Join in on the fun with swag, prize giveaways, and many more surprises we’ve got tucked up our sleeves!

Best of all, the event is free and family-friendly, welcoming everyone from toddlers to grandparents.

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