Discover the Peaks of Adventure

Lynx at Lake Louise

Endless Mountain Memories Await!

Imagine serene waters nestled among towering peaks, glaciers gleaming in the distance, and colorful wildflowers painting the landscape. And if you're lucky, spot majestic grizzly bears and other fascinating wildlife roaming freely in their natural habitat. See recent photos.

Whether you're an adventurer at heart or a tranquil soul-seeker, there's something here for everyone. Join us any day of the week to glide over breathtaking vistas aboard our sightseeing gondola or explore vibrant hiking trails on foot, either alone or with a guide. Savor delicious meals, venture out on an e-bike, or relax and take in the views on a Lakeshore Shuttle ride. The moment you step into Lake Louise, you'll realize it's a paradise where stunning beauty meets effortless adventure.

Remember, summer & fall operations last only until October 9, 2023. So come bask in the magic!


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