Celebrating the Arrival of Autumn’s Splendor

Fall splendor at Lake Louise

Summer's lush greens have gived way to the vibrant hues of fall, and there's no better place to experience the golden larches and stunning autumn colors of the Canadian Rockies than here. Visit us any day of the week until October 8 to witness up-close one of Mother Nature’s most miraculous and colourful transformations (see photos).

Why choose Lake Louise?

Here, world-renowned landscapes serve as an awe-inspiring backdrop for a host of activities that go beyond simple sightseeing:

The Best Views of Lake Louise: From high mountain vistas to the tranquil beauty of Lake Louise, our viewpoints offer some of the most photographed scenes in the world.

Hiking Trails: Wander along our upper mountain trails framed by the golden glow of fall and the rugged outlines of mountain peaks.

Wildlife Viewing: Spot grizzly bears and other local wildlife in their natural habitat, adding an extra thrill to your adventure.

Culinary Delights: Fuel your day of exploration with a delicious breakfast or lunch plus tasty grab-and-go drinks and snacks.

Capture the Moment: With a backdrop this stunning, you'll want to take photos at every turn.

Enhance Your Experience

Make your visit truly unforgettable with:

Sightseeing Gondola: Safely ascend above a protected wildlife corridor to the absolute best autumn views of Lake Louise.

Gondola & Lake Shuttles: Visit Moraine Lake and the Lake Louise lakeshore plus enjoy stunning views aboard the sightseeing gondola.

Gondola & Dining: Fuel up for a day of fall adventures! Add a hot and savory breakfast or lunch to your sightseeing gondola experience and save.

Guided Hikes: Join our guides to gain a deeper understanding of the region’s flora and fauna.

Wildlife Interpretive Centre: Dive deeper into the local ecology of the Canadian Rockies through interactive displays and educational talks.


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