Temple Lodge Takeover

Find Mountain Joe on the snow at Lake Louise every Saturday until April 15!

Take in sounds from DJs Bunny Hops & Dougasaurus Decks, while serving up some stingers on the (snow) beach volleyball court.

Speaking of serving, there will be a stand on-scene, dolling out tasty tacos! Plus plenty of fire pits to keep things toasty.

Come hang, find us on the backside at Temple Lodge! We’ve got all the vibes…


Mountain Joe was made for Banff’s aprés life of sore muscles and soaring spirits.
Where a cocktail equal parts delicious and energizing just makes sense. 

It’s made tiny, but mighty, in the spirit of the world’s greatest smalls – your bees, your ghost peppers and tardigrades (immortal!). Super smooth, and just a little sweet, Mountain Joe packs a brisk vodka, cold-brew coffee punch that wakes up the sleepy parts and infuses them with the strength of many, many badgers.

But keeping all that to Banff isn’t right. Couldn’t everybody use an infusion of tiny and mighty? We thought so. So we set this caffeinated cocktail loose on an unsuspecting planet. Like a badger in a can.

There’s a lot of legendary in every delicious drop. From a not-so-average Banff, your not-so-average Joe. Because when you’re tired of mountains. You’re tired of life, and with Mountain Joe you’re NEVER TIRED.

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