Avalanche Awareness Days

Avalanche Awareness Days are going virtual this year! Watch 4 videos of our Avalanche Forecasters talking about various topics around avalanche safety. Then, tune into the Live events on Facebook & Instagram to participate in some trivia games for a chance to win some prizes. Sponsored by FRESH Skis!


Thursday January 14

Video Release: In Bounds vs. Out of Bounds

Friday January 15

Video Release: Respect the Rope Line

Saturday January 16

Video Release: Obvious Clues

Sunday January 17

Video Release: Nothing Slack about Slack Country

Virtual Trivia at 4:00pm on Sunday: Tune in to our social media channels and participate in our virtual trivia contest, to see what you learned from the videos! Prizes to be won, sponsored by FRESH Ski Shop.

Once each video is released, links to watch them will be added above. You can also follow us on Facebook & Instagram. More details will be released soon, please check back for updates!

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