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Smoke infused cocktails from Whitehorn BIstro

Delicious smoke infused cocktails from Whitehorn Bistro.

Can you taste delight? We’re pretty sure you can with one of our feature cocktails that’s been carefully crafted with local spirits and infused with truly unique smoked flavours. How about a “Burnt-out” cocktail made with Wild Life Distillery gin, tonic water, honey & rosemary syrup and burnt rosemary? What about a "Smoke Out" cocktail with Park Distillery chili vodka, Clamato, liquid smoke, tabasco sauce, worcestershire sauce, smoked sea salt, smoked chorizo and olive skewer? Or maybe a “Mezcal Mule” made from Sombra Joven mezcal, black currant Krang liqueur, Grizzly Paw Brewing ginger beer, lime and charred lime wheel?

Our special drink menu also features Alberta’s best craft distilleries, BC VQA wines and over 25 craft beer from across Canada.


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