Important Safety Updates

Lake Louise Freeriders

The Province of Alberta has recently announced an increased level of restrictions due to the current state of COVID 19. With this in mind, we would like to advise you of the following updates, changes and recommendations:

Face Coverings & Physical Distancing

  • As we continue to abide by Alberta Health Services regulations, face coverings are mandatory when visiting the resort. Guests must wear a face covering in all indoor spaces, ticket lines, lift lines, while riding the lifts, and in congested outdoor areas. Face coverings must be a solid fabric that snuggly fits your face, fully covering your mouth and nose. If you are not prepared to wear your face covering at all times in these areas, we have no choice but to tell you not to visit us at this time. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our season safe so that we can all have a season!
  • Pay close attention to physical distancing and maintain a separation of 2 metres (6 feet) from those around you. If you can touch a person with your ski pole, then you're too close.

Socializing Outdoors & Dining Indoors

  • When you are outdoors, you must limit any socialization to a group of 10 individuals or less, while still maintaining physical distancing.
  • When dining indoors, you must be seated with only members of your household (6 household members maximum), or your two selected non-household people (3 people maximum) if you live alone. This could result in additional wait times. Also, note there is no movement between tables permitted.



Lake Louise Plus Cards

  • We apologize; however, due to considerations surrounding Alberta’s increased restrictions, we have temporarily paused the sale of Lake Louise Plus Cards at the resort and online. We will revisit this in the next couple of weeks. Please check back for updates.
  • Lake Louise Plus Card Direct-To-Lift upgrades will be temporarily unavailable for processing at the resort this weekend, Saturday, December 5 and Sunday, December 6. If you have a Lake Louise Plus Card that has not yet been upgraded to Direct-To-Lift, please proceed to an outdoor ticket window on the Whiskey Jack deck to purchase your discounted day ticket or redeem a free day. You can always upgrade your card to Direct-To-Lift during the week or at our Calgary office. We will resume Direct-To-Lift upgrades at the resort when capacities allow.
  • If you have already purchased your Lake Louise Plus Card and have it on-hand, be sure to activate it online. This will save yourself time at the self-serve kiosk or ticket window and get you out on the slopes faster.

Season Pass Processing

  • We regretfully will have minimal Season Pass processing available at the resort on Saturday, December 5 and Sunday, December 6. We apologize that there may be extended waits for weekend pick-ups at the resort. We recommend that you pick up your pass at one of our other locations. Our Calgary office is open Mondays to Saturdays, with extended hours on Wednesdays (click here for exact times). You can also pick up passes at the Ski Big 3 Adventure Hub in Banff.
  • Many new pass holders have been asking about visitation levels and which days we recommend coming to the resort. As always, we recommend Sunday and midweek visits over Saturday and holiday visits for those that are on the fence. Visitation levels tend to be lower Sundays, midweek, and non-holiday days, which naturally provides a more seamless experience. Also, be aware that afternoons have more capacity than mornings, so many pass holders choose to arrive after 11:30 am.

Food & Beverage Options

  • If you have brought your own lunch, we invite you to enjoy it outdoors on our decks and picnic tables. Please note that we anticipate that we will soon have temporary heated tents in operation to provide additional warming space and space for you to enjoy your lunch.

Bags in Lodges

Please get ready at your vehicle. We are sorry, but bags will not be permitted to be left in lodges this year due to Covid-19 health and safety considerations. Please only bring your gear to the lodge if you have a seasonal locker rental or plan to rent one of our day lockers. Renting a day locker is first come, first serve, and there is a limited number available.


  1. We often get asked when the best time to visit the resort is. We recommend weekdays (Monday to Friday) for the most seamless experience. If you’re only able to ski on weekends, we suggest visiting us on Sundays as they are almost always less busy than Saturdays.
  2. Once you’re up the lifts and on the slopes, we recommend exploring everything the resort has to offer. Ski and ride the upper areas of the mountain or head to the backside for shorter lift waits. There’s lots to discover and enjoy!
  3. Prepare your day on the slopes in advance. Buy your tickets online, pick-up your pass before coming to the resort, gear-up at your car, pack some snacks and enjoy your day.

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