Important Safety Updates

Updated December 30, 2020.

On December 8, the Province of Alberta announced an increased level of restrictions due to the current state of COVID 19. With this in mind, we would like to advise you of the following reminders and updates.

Physical Distancing

When travelling through and around the ski resort, please pay close attention to physical distancing and maintaining a separation of 2 metres (6 feet) from those not in your household. If you can touch a person with your ski pole, then you’re too close.

Face Masks

Non-medical face masks are required. A new Alberta Health Services order mandates non-medical face masks throughout the Province, and we would like to again emphasize that as always, face masks remain mandatory when visiting the ski area.

  • Indoor spaces: Guests must wear a non-medical face mask in all indoor spaces. A buff, bandana or neck warmer is not acceptable indoors. Please ensure you have a non-medical face mask to wear inside our lodges.
  • Outdoor spaces: In common outdoor areas, while not actively skiing or snowboarding, please wear your non-medical face mask or a snuggly fitting, solid fabric face covering that fully covers your mouth and nose. Ski masks that have holes or vents in them are not acceptable.

We have extensive signage reminding you of outdoor places where masks and face coverings need to be worn outdoors:

  • Once you approach the base area.
  • Everywhere within the base area, including ticket windows, lodge decks, walkways, on the snow around ski racks etc.
  • As you approach lift mazes and in all lift mazes.
  • While riding the lifts.

If you are not prepared to wear your mask or face covering at all times when required, we have no choice but to tell you not to visit us at this time. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our season safe so that we can all have a season!

Reservations are now needed to visit the Lake Louise Ski Resort

While we don’t expect to reach capacity most days, there are days we will be close. Avoid disappointment by reserving your day(s) on the mountain up to two weeks in advance. This is particularly important for weekend and holiday days.

If you already have a Season Pass, Lake Louise Plus Card, online ticket or other pass/ticket product, click the button below, enter your pass or ticket number and reserve your days.

Any day we are not at capacity, we will also be selling day tickets at the resort, but we strongly recommend you purchase your ticket online in advance then visit to reserve your day. If you want to check the availability calendar first, it will give you an idea of what days have the most availability.

Note: Season Pass holders have priority to make bookings on each day. You can bypass the general availability calendar by entering in your pass number to book your days.


We are open for skiing and snowboarding, but not socializing

All indoor and outdoor social gatherings are prohibited by the Government of Alberta. This next month is the time for quality time with your family or roommates. Or if you live alone, your two selected contacts.

Please follow the rules to help bend the curve, support our hard-working Health Care professionals, protect our communities and our health care systems. Gathering and socializing with non-household members is not permitted at the Lake Louise Ski Resort for as long as these restrictions remain in effect. This includes hanging around the base area with non-household people, lunches in the parking lots with people outside your household, and other similar gatherings.

Dining & Eating

Takeout food and drinks are available from all lodges and our pop-up BBQ tents. Lodges and warming tents are open daily for short breaks or to quickly eat your takeout (see hours of operation).

If you have brought your lunch, we suggest that you eat at your vehicle. Anytime you are eating outdoors, you must only be with your household members or your one or two designated contacts if you live alone. Pack a few camping chairs, and you can have a great picnic!

Indoor Spaces

Indoor spaces are available as follows:

  • Washrooms are open.
  • Warming tents are open near Whiskey Jack Lodge in the base area and beside Temple Lodge on the backside.
  • Our retail shop is open at reduced capacity.
  • Our rental shop is open at reduced capacity.
  • We have limited availability in lodges to warm up. Please limit your time in the lodges to warm up to 15 minutes so that others may do the same.
  • If you need to access your locker to grab your gear, you can do so. Please enter through the outside door only. Only a few people will be permitted inside at a time so please be aware that there might be a short wait.



Bags in Lodges

Please get ready at your vehicle. We are sorry, but bags will not be permitted to be left in lodges this year due to Covid-19 health and safety considerations. Please only bring your gear to the lodge if you have a seasonal locker rental or plan to rent one of our day lockers. Renting a day locker is first come, first serve, and there is a limited number available.


  1. We often get asked when the best time to visit the resort is. We recommend weekdays (Monday to Friday) for the most seamless experience. If you’re only able to ski on weekends, we suggest visiting us on Sundays as they are almost always less busy than Saturdays.
  2. Once you’re up the lifts and on the slopes, we recommend exploring everything the resort has to offer. Ski and ride the upper areas of the mountain or head to the backside for shorter lift waits. There’s lots to discover and enjoy!
  3. Prepare your day on the slopes in advance. Buy your tickets online, pick-up your pass before coming to the resort, gear-up at your car, pack some snacks and enjoy your day.

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