Show some Park styleFresh air, freedom, and a sweet mix of features to thrill and challenge

Get ready to find your perfect park performance. This is the place to work on those jumps, 180s, and tricks to make ‘em look good. With distinct progressive lines for all levels, everyone from beginners to seasoned pros can embrace the exhilarating feeling of freestyle. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the Terrain Park Safety Guidelines and Safety & Risk Awareness Notifications before you head out.

Current Terrain Park Details

All terrain parks are closed for the season.


Park Status













Elbow ParkBeginner

Feature Size
Jump S
Jump S
Dance Floor Box S
Rainbow Box S
Tubby Tube S

Triple Bridge ParkIntermediate to advanced

Feature Size
Tower Tube M
16' Tubby M
Flat Down Rail M
Elbow Tunny M
Shotgun Rail M
Dance Floor Flat Down Box S
A Frame Box S
Donkey Kick Box S
Long Down Box M
Jump S
Jump M
Jump M
Quarter Pipe With 'T' Stall L

Boulevard ParkIntermediate to expert

Feature Size
Long Down Box M
Donkey Kick Tubby M
Large Hip L
Jump M
C-Box M
Gnar Bar L
Unbow Box M
26' Tubby L
Jump M
Toblerone Wall Ride L
Cannon Box M
Jump M
Rainbow Box M
Down Forward Down Tubby L
Street Rail Down XL
Turbo Tube L
Shotgun Rail M
Flat Down Box M
Donkey Kick Shotgun Rail L
Battleship Box M
Down Forward Down Shotgun Rail XL
Down Forward Down Box M

Easy Street ParkAdvanced to expert

Feature Size
Jump L
Jump XL
Jump XL
Pinoth Quad Kink XL
Teardrop Rail XL
Rainbow Rail L
A Frame Rail L
Ball Jump L
Flat Down Tubby L
24' Hand Rail (flat) XL
30' Hand Rail (down) XL
Cannon Rail to Pill Bonk XL

The terrain park features, locations, and skill levels shown above are current as of February 24, 2024, and may change without notice.

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