We're committed to making the Lake Louise Summer Gondola accessible to everyone!

It is our goal to assist individuals with disabilities to access and enjoy all features, facilities, and services at the Lake Louise Summer Gondola. We are not 100% wheelchair accessible. Please see our accessibility options below.

Accessibility Options


Designated disabled parking spaces are located along the wooden fence in the main parking lot (lot #2), located next to the Operations building.  A phone is also available here, please look for the yellow phone box and dial ‘0’ for assistance. Please note that a disabled parking placard must be displayed in vehicles parked in these designated parking spots. If you are renting a car, we suggest that you bring your home-issued permit.


Paved pathways allow for wheelchair access from the main designated disabled parking area to both Whisky Jack Lodge and The Lodge of the Ten Peaks. Follow the signs along the wooden fence to access both lodges.


A designated wheelchair-accessible washroom is located in the Whisky Jack Lodge only. Ladies' washrooms are also wheelchair accessible in the Whisky Jack Lodge. Men's washrooms are wheelchair accessible in The Lodge of the Ten Peaks.


Visit the Lodge of the Ten Peaks for a quick snack or enjoy casual dining in the licensed restaurant or cafeteria. You will also find our gift shop located on the lower level of Lodge of Ten Peaks.


Disability Assistance Pets are permitted access on the sightseeing gondola and to accompany a disabled guest in our lodge facilities.


Paved sidewalks lead from the side of The Lodge of the Ten Peaks to the base of the Gondola. Directions to the lift are available at the ticket counter. A complimentary shuttle is also available for transport between the parking lot, The Lodge of the Ten Peaks and the Gondola.  Please advise Guest Services of your needs.


Our Lift Attendants will be able to offer you assistance with loading or unloading the lift carriers. If required, the carriers can be slowed down or fully stopped to assist the individual to load/unload. Enjoy the magnificent view from your choice of an open chair or fully enclosed gondola. Passengers in a wheelchair or with a scooter will be assisted in loading/unloading the lift carriers (both open chairs and gondola cars) without their apparatus. Wheelchairs need to be folded to fit in a Gondola cabin. Please advise our Lift Attendants of your specific needs.


A complimentary shuttle is available for transport between the sightseeing gondola and the Wildlife Interpretive Centre and Whitehorn Bistro. Our Lift Attendants will gladly offer assistance once you arrive.