What to expect on cold days

Lake Louise is the highest elevated town in Canada and we have a very long winter season. As such we do see very cold temperatures on occasion. Here’s what you can expect these days.

-29°c at 9:00 amPotential Lift Delays

Protocols: Our Mountain Operations teams will monitor the situation that morning. The lifts will operate as long as the temperatures are on an upward (warming) trend and the temperatures are -29°c or warmer at the top of the lifts as well as the bottom. Wind chill will be considered.

* If we have lift delays beyond 10:30 am because of the cold temperatures, we will offer our half day ticket rates.

We recommend: Wear lots of warm layers, hand & toe warmers, face coverings, take frequent breaks in the lodges and check your friends for frost nip (white spots on exposed skin).

-30°c or colder at 9:00 amLift Delays

Protocols: You can expect lift delays at this time. Chairlifts will not operate but some magic carpets in the Learning Area may open. The Mountain Operations team will make assessments and when safe to do so, lifts will start to open.

*If we have lift delays beyond 10:30am because of the temperatures, we will offer our half day ticket rates.

We recommend: Arrive later in the morning, or join us for breakfast in the lodge before things open up. Ensure you have all the proper gear for when the lifts do open. Air Holes or other face coverings work well to ensure that you don’t have any exposed skin which could result in frost nip. Take lots of breaks indoors. Enjoy the spectacular bluebird views!


The worst-case scenario is we aren’t able to open the mountain up due to extreme cold temperatures. For updates, you can watch our Conditions Page as well as our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Helpful tips

  • If you view our webcams, at the top they do show the current temperatures at each location.
  • Follow @skilouise on our Instagram or Facebook channels as we will post updates on cold weather delays to our “stories” and we will post updates to Twitter.
  • We will provide updates on our Conditions Page.
  • Need some warmer gear? Our Alpine Sports Boutique has a selection of Air Hole face coverings, Buffs, hoods, socks, toques & mitts. You can purchase toe and hand warmers, too.