Dining with a View: 7 Best Scenic Restaurants in Lake Louise

Best Scenic Restaurants in Lake Louise

Generally, people think Lake Louise is only famous for skiing and fantastic mountain views. But guess what? It's also packed with awesome scenic restaurants.

In this blog, we'll talk about some of the top scenic restaurants in Lake Louise you don't want to miss.

Explore the Delightful Food of Lake Louise

How about you start your day with a yummy breakfast at one of Lake Louise's cozy cafes, with those jaw-dropping mountain views all around? After filling up, you hit the trails for hiking or maybe explore the nearby natural wonders.

When lunchtime rolls around, you take a break at a charming bistro. The food is top-notch, with fresh, local ingredients, and the views are just as amazing as the morning.

After a day of exploring, nothing beats winding down at one of Lake Louise's scenic restaurants. Whether you're in the mood for gourmet dishes or comfort food, there's something for everyone. And the views? Simply unforgettable. With all the hiking, skiing, and sightseeing, paired with fantastic dining options, a day in Lake Louise is a day well spent.

7 Best Restaurants in Lake Louise

1. Whitehorn Bistro

Whitehorn Bistro restaurant in Lake Louise

When to go: In winter (early December to early May), accessible through ski/snowboard. In summer (June to October), visitors can take a short walk down a trail from the top of the sightseeing gondola.

At 2,042 meters above sea level, Whitehorn Bistro is the place to enjoy amazing farm-to-table food. The bistro has incredible mountain views and a gourmet menu with the best local, seasonal ingredients.

You can try tasty dishes like cheese fondue, seafood chowder, Rocky Mountain game platter, or their famous Bison burger.

The food here is top-notch, and the views are just as impressive. The patio seating gives you a perfect spot to see the stunning views of Lake Louise while you eat.

2. Sawyer's Nook

Sawyer’s Nook restaurant in Lake Louise

When to go: from early December to late April

Sawyer's offers a unique dining experience with a mountain menu featuring traditional alpine dishes and house-made favourites. It is nestled upstairs in Temple Lodge (guests must ski/snowboard to get there as it’s on the mountain's backside). Sawyer’s Nook is one the quietest restaurants at the resort, making it an ideal spot to relax and enjoy your meal.

Here are some menu highlights:

  • Cheese Fondue and Charcuterie for Two
  • Heritage Carrot Orecchiette Pasta
  • Famous Alpine Smashed Brisket Burger

The rustic charm of Sawyer's and its gourmet offerings create a memorable dining experience.

3. Banded Peak Base Camp

Banded Peak Base Camp in Lake Louise

When to go: Open in the winter from early December to early May and in the summer from June to October.

Whether you're winding down from a day on the slopes or looking for a summer retreat, Banded Peak Base Camp offers an unforgettable dining experience. It's especially popular for après-ski parties in April and May.

With a cozy campfire atmosphere and a patio offering a 360-degree view of the Rockies, this spot is perfect for enjoying the spectacular views of the mountains while savouring delicious meals such as BBQ, hot beverages, hand-scooped ice cream, and more.

4. Slopeside Coffee

Slopeside Coffee in Lake Louise

When to go: Year-round (Short closures between seasons)

Slopeside Coffee is perfect for a warm-up or a cool-down after exploring the stunning surroundings. It is located in the base area and is a great option for grabbing sandwiches and coffee for hikes and picnics. The friendly service and delicious snacks and beverages make it a must-visit spot.

Menu Highlights:

  • Starbucks Coffee
  • Fresh Baked Goods
  • Hot Buttered Popcorn
  • Mini Doughnuts and Candy Treats
  • Cold Beer and Juices

5. Kuma Yama

Kuma Yama restaurant in Lake Louise

When to go: During winter (from early December to late April)

Kuma Yama, meaning 'Bear on the Mountain' in Japanese, brings the freshest taste of Japan to Banff National Park. This in-lodge sushi bar stands out with its unique sushi offering at a ski resort, providing a delightful twist to your food options.

Kuma Yama offers a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere, making it a great addition to your day at the resort.

Enjoy the fusion of Japanese and Canadian flavours with dishes crafted to perfection. The combination of high-quality ingredients and skillful preparation ensures a memorable dining experience.

Some of their menu offerings include:

  • Ramen Bowls
  • Nigiri and Sashimi
  • Custom Maki Rolls
  • International Style Tapas
  • Gluten-Free and Vegetarian Options

6. Lakeview Lounge

When to go: Open year-round

Lakeview Lounge is located in the Fairmont Chateau, where you can sit back, relax, and admire the spectacular panoramic views of Lake Louise and Victoria Glacier. The combination of architectural and natural beauty creates an unforgettable lounge experience.

During the summer months, enjoy the fresh mountain air and stunning scenery from one of the most scenic patios in the Canadian Rockies.

Priority seating is given to registered in-house guests. Aim for a window table to enhance your visit to catch the beautiful evening glow of the mountains.

7. Lake Louise Railway Station & Restaurant

When to go: Open year-round (short closures between seasons)

Nestled in the hamlet of Lake Louise, The Station Restaurant is easily accessible and offers a unique dining experience in a historic setting.

Step back in time at The Station Restaurant in a turn-of-the-century historic log station surrounded by vintage rail cars and landscaped gardens. What was once a bustling train stop is now a welcoming place to enjoy a relaxing meal.

The Lake Louise Station is a unique venue with a great ambiance that comes in distinct flavours. The main areas include:

  • The Great Room: A spacious and inviting area for dining.
  • The East Room: Another cozy dining space within the station.
  • The Outdoor Patio and Heritage Garden: Perfect for enjoying the fresh mountain air and beautiful surroundings.
  • The Stationmasters & Parcel Rooms: Intimate and charming spaces for a more private dining experience.

Additionally, there's the Delamere, a historic dining car built in 1925 that once ran the rails. It's available for special functions throughout the season.

How to Enhance Your Dining Experience

Here are some tips to ensure you have an unforgettable culinary adventure:

Plan Around Seasonal Closures

Some restaurants, like The Station, may have seasonal closures. During the summer, hotel guests at places like the Post and Fairmont often get priority at their on-site restaurants.

Opt for Outdoor Dining

If you enjoy dining al fresco, look for restaurants with patios. During the summer, patios are perfect for soaking up the fresh mountain air and the beautiful surroundings.

Banded Peak Base Camp and Whitehorn Bistro offer some of the most scenic outdoor dining experiences in the Canadian Rockies.

Make Reservations

Making reservations in advance is a good idea to ensure you get a table at your desired restaurant, especially during peak seasons. This is particularly important for popular spots and those with limited seating, such as The Station's historic Delamere dining car.

Timing is Everything

To avoid the crowds and enjoy a more relaxed dining experience, consider visiting our restaurants during off-peak hours. Early lunches or late afternoon meals offer a more tranquil atmosphere and quicker service.

Take Advantage of Special Events

Keep an eye out for special events and seasonal promotions at our restaurants. These can include themed dining nights or special menu items that enhance your overall experience.

Buy a Lake Louise Resort Plus Card

Consider purchasing a Lake Louise Resort Plus Card to save on dining, lift tickets, rentals, and retail purchases. This card provides great value and can enhance your overall experience by making your visit more affordable and convenient.

Final Thoughts

We hope these tips help you make the most of your dining experience in Lake Louise. Remember to plan ahead and consider getting a Lake Louise Resort Plus Card or Season Pass to save on your trip.

Have a fantastic time at Lake Louise; don't forget to take in every moment. Happy dining and happy adventures!