Discovering the Best Spots to See Bears Safely in Lake Louise

Bears in Lake Louise

Seeing a bear in the wild is a thrilling experience, but safety should always come first—for you and the bears.

Lake Louise is a great place to spot these amazing creatures, but it is important to do so responsibly.

By following simple tips, like hiking in groups and carrying bear spray, you can enjoy the beauty of these animals without putting yourself or them at risk.

In this blog, we'll walk you through the best spots to see bears in Lake Louise while staying safe and respecting wildlife.

Best Time to See Bears in Lake Louise

The best time to see bears in Lake Louise is from early April to November when they are out of hibernation.

During these months, bears can be spotted throughout the day, but mornings are perfect for sightings from the gondola.

Here's a breakdown of when to visit:

  • April to June: Spring is a great time to see bears as they emerge from hibernation and begin foraging for food. The fresh vegetation makes them more visible.
  • July to August: Summer months are peak tourist season, but they're also prime bear-viewing times. Bears are actively feeding to build fat reserves for winter.
  • September to November: In the fall, bears are in hyperphagia, eating almost constantly to prepare for hibernation. This makes them more active and easier to spot.

Remember that safety and respect for wildlife are crucial when planning your visit.

Always follow these guidelines:

  • Carry Bear Spray: Keep it accessible and know how to use it.
  • Travel in Groups: Bears are less likely to approach larger groups.
  • Stay on Marked Trails: This reduces the chance of encountering bears unexpectedly.
  • Make Noise: Announce your presence to avoid surprising bears.

Check out our wildlife viewing tips and sightseeing calendar for more info.

Best Spots to See Bears in Lake Louise

The best spots to see bears in Lake Louise are from the gondola and your car.

Here's why these options are great:

From the Gondola

  • High visibility: The gondola offers a bird's-eye view, allowing you to spot bears in grassy ski runs.
  • Safety: Watching from the gondola keeps both you and the bears safe.
  • Minimal disturbance: The gondola's elevated position means bears can roam undisturbed below.
  • Consistent sightings: Bears are often seen along the ski slopes due to the abundance of food.

From Your Car

  • Bow Valley Parkway and Icefields Parkway: These scenic drives are known for frequent bear sightings. You can enjoy the beautiful landscape and possibly see bears from the safety of your vehicle.
  • Wildlife Overpasses: These structures help animals cross roads safely, increasing your chances of seeing wildlife. Look for these overpasses on your drive through Lake Louise.

When viewing bears from your car, follow these tips:

  • Stay inside your car: This keeps you safe and prevents disturbing the bears.
  • Keep a respectful distance: Do not approach or feed the bears.
  • Use your hazard lights: Alert other drivers if you stop to watch a bear.

For an excellent bear-watching experience, consider the Lake Louise Sightseeing Gondola. It's the safest and most exciting way to see bears in their natural habitat.

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Interpretive Wildlife Centre

If you don't spot a bear from the lift or your car, visit the Wildlife Interpretive Centre at the Lake Louise Summer Gondola. It's filled with engaging exhibits and knowledgeable staff, offering a great way to learn about the local wildlife.

Here's what you can find:

  • Life-sized animal displays: See realistic exhibits of local wildlife.
  • Interactive information boards: Learn fascinating facts about the area's fauna.
  • Digital programs: Enjoy engaging videos and presentations.
  • Friendly staff: Get your questions answered by knowledgeable guides.

Tips to Avoid Bear Encounters While Hiking or Biking in the Mountains

Avoiding bear encounters while hiking or biking in Lake Louise is crucial for your safety and the bears'. Here's how you can stay safe:

  • Make Noise: Bears usually avoid humans. Clap, talk loudly, or sing, especially in areas with poor visibility or near streams.
  • Travel in Groups: Bears are less likely to approach larger groups—hike or bike with at least three other people.
  • Stay on Marked Trails: This reduces your chance of surprising a bear. Stick to official paths and trails.
  • Carry Bear Spray: Keep it easily accessible and know how to use it. Bear spray can be effective if used correctly.
  • Watch for Signs: Look for bear tracks, droppings, or turned-over logs. If you see these signs, leave the area immediately.
  • Keep Dogs on a Leash: Dogs can provoke bears. It's best to leave pets at home or keep them leashed at all times.

To learn about bear safety,  join the Trail of the Great Bear or other educational programs at Lake Louise. These programs provide valuable information on how to stay safe and what to do if you encounter a bear.

The Trail of the Great Bear, guided by knowledgeable interpreters, offers insights into the daily life of bears in Banff.

This easy 45-minute walk takes you through the serene Whitehorn Wildlife Corridor.

Learn about bear safety and enjoy captivating stories about the local wildlife. Make sure to book in advance and wear appropriate gear for a safe and enjoyable adventure.

Additional Tips:

  • Keep Food Secure: Bears are attracted to food and garbage. Keep your campsite clean and store food properly.
  • Stay Calm: If you see a bear, stay calm and avoid sudden movements. Talk to the bear calmly and back away slowly.
  • Do Not Run: Running can trigger a chase response. Move away slowly and steadily.


Lake Louise is one of the most iconic and beautiful places in Banff National Park with its stunning scenery and amazing wildlife. The Lake Louise Sightseeing Gondola is the best and safest way to see bears, offering fantastic views without disturbing them.

If you don't spot a bear from the lift or your car, visit the.

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