These things happen! Lost items found at the Lake Louise Ski Resort are delivered to our Guest Services Department.

Are you here at the resort?

Visit Guest Services on the lower level of Whisky Jack Lodge to see if your lost item has been returned. If it hasn’t, we’ll have you fill out a lost report and notify you if or when it is found.

Have you left the resort?

Don’t worry! Simply fill out our Lost & Found online form. Please be very specific when describing your lost item, as we often receive similar items on a daily basis. Don’t forget to include your contact details so we can reach out and return your lost item. Please note that lost items are tracked through a program called ‘Chargerback’. This handy application helps us manage lost items quickly and easily. Once a lost item report is submitted to Chargerback, a confirmation and a tracking number are sent to the guest. If your item is found, you’ll receive another email from Chargerback with simple instructions on how to be reunited with your lost item.

How we handle lost good: Valuable items such as wallets, phones, keys, IDs, credit cards, and cameras/GoPros are kept at the resort for 30 days. After this time, these items are surrendered to the RCMP. Ski and snowboard equipment, as well as items of lesser value, are kept for 2-3 weeks. These are donated to local charities if not collected within this time. Any food or perishable items are discarded after 24 hours for sanitary reasons.